Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Freedom is beautiful to those who understand true suffering. The Beagle Project has rescued many Beagles who are used for experimentation. This is a photo of one who is truly happy after being rescued by wonderful people.

This is the text that came with the photo:

These pictures say it all! The sense of wonderment at the vastness of the ocean, the calming sounds of rolling waves, and the comfort of the soft, sun-soaked sand. These two deserved it. So many others do as well.

Please SHARE this post. T...hese pictures represent our challenge to any lab across the US who thinks it better to “destroy” the beagles at the end of an experiment, instead of giving them this chance. Beagle Freedom Project exists to make this picture a reality for any dog, in any lab, in any condition. The lab need only call or email us – we’ll do the rest. (818) 330 -4040 and info@beaglefreedomproject.org

Thanks to their Mom, Kimberly Dreher!
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