Sunday, 16 December 2012

What Really is an Animal Sanctuary?

There are many ways to define an animal sanctuary. They are composed of three things:

·         The animals that inhabit their land, and survive off the caretakers who run the sanctuary.

·         The donations they receive by holding events and fundraisers. This money pays for veterinarian bills and food.

·         People who volunteer their time to help maintain the sanctuary.

I think it is important to remember that running a sanctuary is no easy task. It takes very special people to handle this responsibility. Similarly, the Donkey Sanctuary of Canada requires many volunteers to operate their facility. There are 68 Donkeys, Mules, Goat, and Sheep. Many have been severely abused and they take a long time to come around. In addition, without donations this sanctuary would never survive. It is hard work but visitors can’t get enough of the donkeys.

In Ontario, there are many sanctuaries and I had the chance to visit two wonderful women who rescued many different animals. R&R Refuge was one of them and it was an incredible place. I met many different horses who had been saved from horse slaughter. Furthermore, each horse had their own specific journey to this heavenly place. They were taken care off with the utmost love and patience. It was hard to think that anyone would want to slaughter such breathtaking animals.
The final sanctuary I will talk about is the teja Sanctuary. It was home to over 50 different animals. The woman who was in charge of this sanctuary was an amazing human being. It took great courage to look after so many abused animals. It was a gorgeous property and I would really like to go back one day

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